Payroll Services London

Payroll outsourcing includes the development of all operational activities related to the management of our clients’ payroll, which is, calculation of the payroll according to the remuneration policies established by the company and framed in the Labour Law, Worker Compensation Act, as well as calculation of all fiscal and parafiscal contributions established by the government in its different regulatory standards.

Our payroll services London for startups and Small businesses help them streamline their processes and steer them towards growth.

Ensure Employee Satisfaction

We guarantee compliance with your obligations in payroll, workplace pension, income protection and employers’ liability insurance. We ensure the satisfaction of your most important customers: your employee Payroll services.

Cutting-edge technologies, standardized processes, knowledge and human talent together to provide the reliability, efficiency and security of the payroll management process and providing the best payroll services for startups and SMEs.


  • Specialized cloud base software updated according to national standards
  • 24 hours / 365 days of the year on web platforms
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Payroll Services for startups

At NomersBiz, we specialise in providing top-notch payroll services for startups. Our clients from a wide variety of industries and each one of them has their specialised needs. Keeping this in mind, our professionals develop solutions for you. We don’t believe in a one size fits all strategy; each startup is dealt in a fully customized manner.

Payroll Services for Small Business

With our payroll services London for Small business and medium enterprises you never have to worry about your employees getting agitated due to mismanaged or delayed salaries. Dealing with payroll is not only about haphazard administration but you also have to stay updated with the ever-changing HMRC to make sure you are not penalized for non-compliance.

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Dedicated Payroll Specialists

Our team of professionals include tax experts, bookkeepers and management accountants, and payroll specialists. Our clients who have subscribed for payroll services for their startup are assigned dedicated specialists who learn all the ins and outs about their business and provide the highest level of service to the clients.

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Paperless Process

Piles of paperwork are a common thing that is associated with accounting and payroll. But who needs them anymore? At NomersBiz, we use the latest technology and software to manage your payroll needs to perfection. Paperwork is tiresome and there is always the risk of important documents getting lost, But now all available on one click only.